Pilates and More

Pilates is a safe, challenging workout for the body and mind, allowing you to get in shape — and stay there — at any age.

Pilates helps you develop a strong core, working your deep abdominal muscles, along with the back and hip muscles. Building a strong core allows you to do the activities you love, safely and with more body awareness and confidence. It’s the building block of a strong and healthy body.

Using the Pilates Reformer, Gyrotonic Tower, Stability Balls, Suspension Trainers, Bosu, and Fitness Bands, I include exercises that are apart from, yet are rooted in, the traditional Pilates work. This allows for a range of difficulty from beginner to advanced and focuses the movement on functional fitness. Using multiple movement forms gives your body not only the variety that it seeks, but also the variety it needs to remain balanced.

All of this means you’ll get the workout that’s best for you now and later.

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