Move, just move

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and many of us have been stuck inside for days. Winter weather leaves most people opting for the couch instead of the treadmill — but not being able to go for a bike ride or a walk has me stir crazy. I’ve become addicted to movement; my body craves it. And if you think about it, it makes sense. We’re designed to move, our bodies are built to walk and ride and run (okay, not me, I hate running) and swim and twist and turn and bend and stretch. When we give our body what it’s designed to do, it starts to want it.

So how do we start to move when we live such sedentary lives? I’m going to talk about this a lot but for now let’s just say, find something that brings you joy or brings someone you love joy. There was a period when I used to go Zydeco dancing every single weekend because the music and the movement brought me such tremendous happiness. Then there were years that I took classes and eventually taught Nia (a form of dance/exercise). Even when I weighed 300 pounds I still spent hours on weekends working in my yard because gardening brought me joy.

What type of movement do you enjoy? Don’t think of it as exercise; think of it as movement. Going for a walk at night with your kids/friends/partner? Taking your dog for a walk? Cleaning the house? Gardening? Dancing around the house? Riding your bike? Sex?

What one thing can you do today that moves your body and makes you feel good? Yes, there will come a time when I will suggest you move in ways that your body might not like as much at first — but for today, just move.

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